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Originally Posted by patbooyah
i feel like everything you said character-wise ISN'T true with rogowski, but thats based on seeing him play a few times during spring training. he kind of reminded me of that huge bad guy from major league. am i wrong?
Rogo? I don't know, he's a really good kid when you talk to him, very well-spoken, honest about the weaknesses in his game he needs to improve on. Volunteered to start playing LF last year when W-S was short on OF'ers, destroyed a catcher at the plate in a game last week after a couple of teammates were hit by pitches. Really get's along with the guys on his team, a team player from all I can tell.

That said, at least one other guy whose information I trust has said the Sox have questioned his attitude. I haven't seen it, but I'm not there in the offseason or in the locker room myself.

He's very serious on the field at times, and gives a lot of scowling-type looks, certainly looks pissed when he K's or the like, but he plays balls-out with passion when he's on the field. I love that kind of guy.
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