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Originally Posted by Randar68
Valido has always been my favorite out of the trio of Gonzalez, Lopez and Valido. He started last year hot, so let's hope he can maintain. He's just a real great, quality kid. Humble and honest, you can tell he has the mental make-up to be a good one. I wouldn't call his speed "outstanding". He's got avergae speed for a MIF. He runs upright, but he's a smart cookie, making him a better basestealer than his speed would have you believe.

Most advanced defensive SS in his draft year, IMO, and makes some eye-popping plays, makes tough plays look easy, so smooth.
i feel like everything you said character-wise ISN'T true with rogowski, but thats based on seeing him play a few times during spring training. he kind of reminded me of that huge bad guy from major league. am i wrong?
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