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Originally Posted by Rex Hudler
Contrary to popular belief, McCarthy is human. He will have his turn getting his tits lit. He won't walk into the bigs and dominate without getting banged around. Yes he is good, but lets not annoint him the savior too quickly.

Isnt this the part where the Cubune & Cub Times have McCarthy Watches and the Mike Murphys start ranting daily on his personal Radio Web Log on how we should be calling him up, and WGN, FOX stations start keeping tabs on every performance and have Mark Giancubco doing live remotes from small towns in North Carolina, and shouldnt we be all buying McCarthy Jerseys and having Carol Cubby Sleazak asking us what his nickname should be, and having am670 devoting a whole evening show after he debuts, to his performance?? Nahhhhhhhh
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