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Originally Posted by maurice
Nice work, Jim.

Probably LHP Fabio Castro. Keep an eye on this kid. Schnurstein and Valido also are prosepects to watch, along with the Warthog's trio of lefty starters, a RHP named Bakker, and the leadoff hitter (Nanita). The national publications like Miller, but he's never gotten much love here.

Myers is a utility guy, though he's posted some solid numbers in the past.

As you probably already know, Lee is El Caballo's younger brother and the backup catcher.
I don't recall which arm the pitcher in question used. Goo idea to write it down if something similar happens in the future.

I do remember the names Schnurstein and Valido from previous discussions about minor leaguers, it is one reason I tried to separate them from the pack.

I am surprised by the Myers revalation. He looked real solid even at the plate, showing more patience than most of the others did.

Yes, I knew Lee was Lee's brother... It's really the only reason he got mentioned.

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