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Okay... so here is my impression of the players I saw...

The staring pitcher, Rafael Flores is huge (6'7", 220). He struggled with his control and tended to nibble a lot. When he got down 4-1, the pitching coach came out and paid him a visit and then he settled down and threw some hard stuff that generated a couple of K's. He had another K in the next inning to end it, but gave up some hard shots that inning, one of which was turned into the defensive gem of the game by Mike Myers. His final line of 4 IP, 7H 4R, 4ER, 3BB was unimpressive.

Ehren Wasserman came in to pitch the 8th and used his sidearm delivery to keep the K-Tribe off balance. He had 2 K's and a ground out to second.

The other pitchers Orionny Lopez and #43 (name unknown - hey, I'm deaf and the roster didn't have it listed) were solid but unspectacular in their stints. Lopez worked 2 innings and gave up a run, but struggled with his control and had a couple of hard hit flyballs that the batters got just under or they would have been gone. 43 was more impressive, but nothing to write home about from what I saw.

Offensively, the Hogs were unimpressive. They didn't work the count very well, but a few players stood out.

Chris Amador who was playing 2B. He had a SH, 1b, 2b and a two-run jack in the 9th that brought the Hogs to within one run. Defensively he didn't appear to have much range at 2B. I wonder if his future is at 3B if anywhere in the IF.

Leo Daigle played 1B. He had a 1B, 2B and BB. He seemed the most impressive offensive talent of the playes who played. Big and strong with an aggressive attitude. He looks hitterish as Hawk would say. He wasn't nervous or afraid in any way and seemed to expect to do well.

Mike Myers played CF. He hit the ball hard in 4 of his 5 AB, getting a double (which was misplayed) and 3 flyouts to right for his trouble. All of the shots to RF were hard hit, but didn't fall. I don't know if he was making a concerted effort to go the opposite way and his sole hit was to LF and should have been a single, except it was misplayed. Defensively he had a couple of great plays including a diving grab in deep CF in the 4th that would have surely driven in a run and possibly led to a big inning.

Other names who played:

Micah Schnurstein 3B: 0-4 with a K

Robert Valido SS: Had two hits late and scored a run. He played well in the field, but didn't have any demanding plays.

Carlos Lee C: 1-4 1R (may have been PH for in the 9th, I admit that I didn't pay enough attention). He was aggressive at trying to pick guys off including once throwing to second trying to get a guy who had a big lead and was retreating. He may have even got one of the guys at 1B but didn't get the call.

None of Norm Martel, Travis Hinton or Thomas Collaro reached base.

The best player in the game was clearly the K-Tribe pitcher Billy Traber who threw a nasty fastball and a nice change from what I could tell. He was close to the plate all game and had a solid line 6IP, 4H, 1 R, 1 ER, 4K, 1BB. Offensively the K-Tribe looked solid, with the middle of their lineup doing the majority of the damage. Names to possibly watch out for from what I saw Brad Snyder, Ryan Goleski and Shaun Larkin (anyone know if he is related to the MLB player with the same last name?)

It was still a great time. I was sitting as close to Home as the pitcher's mound. Nice to go to a game that easily and cheaply ($7 ticket for one of the best seats in the house and free parking). Found out today that my landlord regularly gets tickets from a guy he does work for. He saw my car at the game yesterday, but didn't find me. We weren't sitting that far apart either - too funny.

If people want to give me tips on things to look for I will try to do a better job of reporting back in the future.

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