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Originally Posted by maurice
They need to find a position for this kid, especially if Berry, Castillo, and Ricks will be the starting IF most days. He played all over for Bristol, while hitting for a high AVE and driving in runs. OTOH, his 0 HR, 1 SB, 5 BB are a cause for concern.
de los Santos is a talented kid, and he did play all over for Bristol, but when I saw him he looked out of place at 3rd. At that level, few can handle the defensive portion of 3rd. Either guys with arm and no glove, or vice versa. de los Santos has a strong arm, he's just very raw with the glove and he hits like a second baseman. Physically pretty talented, but he looked overmatched at the plate the few games I saw him.

Utility minor league infielder at this point, but someone to keep an eye on. I can't imagine him staying at 3rd, not the bat nor really the glove, IMO. I thought they were going to move Ricks to catcher, but they have 3 catchers on the team, so what the heck...

Harrell was solid as a starter for Bristol, I think he future is there, Hansen might be the most likely to go to the pen if Egbert is indeed in the rotation...
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