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Originally Posted by Ol' No. 2
Has a decision been made on McCarthy? AA or AAA?
from above.....

<We should have a pretty good team this year. Went to Knights stadium today and toured the clubhouse. They had the uniforms hanging and the players names on thier lockers. It was Burke, Borchard, Adkins, Stewart, Sanders, Bajenaru, Matt Smith, Ben Davis, Raul Casanova, Munoz, Villiacis, Walker, Fields, Toca, Lopez, Coquillette, Becker, Bokowski, Anderson, Winkelsas, Phillips,McCarthy, Alvarez, Martinez, Spidale on DL and a locker for big Frank.It was a great tour. Believe it or not, they have a woman for a clubhouse mgr. Wonder how Frank will like that? Adkins is supposed to start on Thursday.>

so AAA for McCarthy it is.........

The only real surprises you might find on the AA or AAA rosters are Pedro Lopez in Charlotte and Chris Young in Birmingham. Other than that, I didn't see any shockers.
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