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This kida scares me a bit. Gammons is always wrong but now I'm hoping he's right. Either way, its nice to see some positive publicity for a change, although it really doesn't mean jack. We'll get a pretty good idea of where these guys are at at the end of the season, but until then it's just speculation. Besides, I have a feeling KW is going to make a couple of moves this season so you can expect that list to shrink.

BTW, what about Felix and Arnie? Have they just enitrely dropped off the radar even after posting some impressive numbers in the minors last year? I always seem to hear crap on the radio about how Sergio Mitre is going to step up for the Flubs, but everytime Diaz is mentioned he gets trashed. Remember his performace against the Flubs last year under pressure? I still think this kid can become a solid no.4/no.5 starter from what I've seen, and I'm guessing Arnie could be effective out of the bullpen down his career if he gets the opportunity. Any thoughts on these guys? Are they trade bait or still in the Sox plans down the road?
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