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Originally Posted by VivaOzzie
Maybe I'm completely clueless, but it looks like Josh Fields pitched 2 innings today against the Brewers, and gave Caballo the satisfaction of hitting a dinger against the Sox. I'm just looking at the box score, but it looks like he didn't even get any AB's. Why would he get a shot at pitching?!?!?! He did put up 4 K's in 2 innings, but I think his time would be much better spent at 3B. Unless everyone else is spent, why not put him out on the field, unless it was because Crede went 4 for 4 and just needed to get some more AB's. Does this confuse anyone else?? Does Fields have any history of pitching?? (outside of little leagues...) If anyone has any sort of explanation, please let me know...

Although I am pretty damn happy with the 17 runs we put up!
If I recall correctly, there are actually two "Josh Fields" in our system, one the third baseman, one a pitcher. Anyone care to confirm?
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