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Originally Posted by charlotteknights
Don Cooper said today that it looks like they will be sending BMac to Charlotte which is a surprise to everyone here. We definitely thought that he'd be going to Birmingham. So far, these are the players that we know are definitely coming to us: Mitch Wylie, Josh Stewart, Dave Sanders, Jeff Bajenaru, Jorge Toca, Bobby Jenks, Arnie Munoz, Matt Smith, Jeremy Giambi, Emancia Pacheco. The other posibilities are Felix Diaz, Chris Widger, Jamie Burke and of course, our friend, Joe Borchard. But we all know that things happen at the last minute. Looks like a pretty good team so far.
Well, with Buehrle going down for 6 weeks, looks like Brandon will be opening in Chicago instead of Charlotte. Either way, Charlotte should have a veteran and experienced team capable of competing for division crown in the IL...
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