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Originally Posted by maurice
FWIW, Tucson isn't the best place to try to throw a big curve, and Honel's fastball looked better in previous outings. Unfortunately, I don't have his previous gun readings, because I was sitting up the 1B line.
McCarthy throws that 12-6 high-rotation curve that still breaks (also throws it slower than Honel, IIRC, helping... I don't think that knuckle curve rotates as quickly, which would cause it to float.

Hell, I don't really know, but IMO, Honel, coming off last year, pitching in a Spring A game, I don't really care about the results. Good experience, learn from it, move on. His performance, health, and development of his change-up are all far more important. After not throwing most of last year, I'm sure the command is going to be lagging behind everything else...
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