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Originally Posted by CWSGuy406
Randar -- this is a bit off-topic, but in BA's or BP's top 100, for their quote on Brian Anderson, a scout compared him to Jeremy Reed.

How is Anderson's plate discipline compared to Reed? I know people have said he'll probably have more power than Reed, but what about OBP/K's. Does he project to be a leadoff hitter, or a middle-of-the-lineup hitter?
Anderson is a middle-of-the-order player. He will hit for a high average and good power. Reed will walk more and K less (and might hit for a higher average), but also has a lot less power than Anderson. Anderson is a much better defensive CF'er than Reed.

I think Reed has more bat-control than Anderson, but again, I think Anderson, even with fewer walks and a potentially lower average, should still end up producing higher-OPS seasons than Reed, IMO. Reed, in my opinion, is an ideal #2 hitter (although he has never bunted much) in terms of his approach at the plate. High OBP and contact, not a blazer, but above average base-runner.

I think Anderson could be a Carlos Lee type player (in terms of production) at the plate in the near future with far greater defensive abilities.
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