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Originally Posted by rdivaldi
I could basically spend a day lamenting the pitching woes of Kris Honel today. If he wasn't coming off an injury, my hopes would be down. I didn't see the snap he's displayed on his curve ball earlier in his career and he really had trouble locating his offspeed pitches. Also working against Kris was his velocity. Most of his fastballs were coming in around 85- 87 which can be again attributed to his injury problems. Overall, a very frustrating performance. That being said, as he continues to pile up innings the snap and velocity will come back (barring injury).

On another negative note Ryan Meaux was serving up meatballs in his short stint. Without pinpoint control, he has no chance of getting batters out as his breaking stuff wasn't really breaking and his fastball was sitting in the low 80's. He's basically out of the organization next year IMO.

I will again sing the praises of Casey Rogowski and Chris Young. Both looked excellent up at the plate. I finally figured out who Casey reminds me of, an in shape John Kruk (who looks a bit like Jason Giambi IMO). Young showed the quick bat he displayed in Kannapolis and played good defense. If he can figure out how to hit the offspeed stuff look out for this kid as he was making solid contact with every fastball thrown at him. He also did a good job with a sacrifice bunt.
The more I see of Young, the better I like him. Plenty of guys on this board have had a chance to see him in person and all rave about him & deservedly so. His approach at the plate and defense are excellent. Also, the first real chance I've gotten to see Honel and I guess I was expecting more. I liked his poise out on the mound, but he really had no command of his stuff on Sunday. I realize he is comming of injury though. We'll see how he progresses this year.
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