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Default John Sickels top 20 Sox prospects

A good read

I think Sickels contract didnt' get renewed from ESPN, so he has that free site now. Good times. Not that high on Brian Anderson (below) but said Joe Borchard was going to be a 40 HR guy that compares equally to Adam Dunn IIRC.

I'm less impressed with Brian Anderson than some people are. I mean, I think he's a good solid prospect. Has some power, some speed, has hit .307/.386/.494 through his first 130 pro games, although his production did tail off after his promotion to Double-A. The White Sox are high enough on him that they were more willing to trade Jeremy Reed. But there's just something about Anderson that makes me think he's as good now as he's ever going to get. I can't prove that, of course. But the feeling is there, and sometimes these "intuitive feelings" are actually subconscious pattern recognition. Sometimes.

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