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Originally Posted by Dadawg_77
I think I stated this. Sweeney's ISO Power (SLG - AVG) is low for his age at his level.
I don't mean to nit pick, but you said "Sweeney's ISO power was lower th[a]n what you normally see." You might have meant age / level, but I didn't read it that way . . . hence my response.

Originally Posted by maurice
If you manage to pull together a large body of data comparing the major-league performance of hitters to their performance as 19 year olds in high A ball, then you might be on to something.
Originally Posted by Dadawg_77
The large data pull has been done, just too lazy to go out and find it and link it.
That's very surprising, given the derth of 19 year olds at high A. It's even more surprising that somebody took the time to calculate the ISO power for a statistically significant sample of 19 year olds at high A who are now old enough to have an established MLB performance level. Quite an undertaking.

I can see why Bill James' group might have the interest (and financing) to compile this information, but they'll propably keep most of their cutting-edge data proprietary as long as they're working for the Red Sox.

In any event, y'all have a nice weekend. I'm off to do some relatively worthless subjective scouting in Tucson.
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