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Originally Posted by Randar68
LOL! If you insist, Dawg. Please let me know what Robert Valido's production is going to be so I can stop wasting my time. *****. Stats don't allow for "improvement" or making good on a player's athletic ability, defense, or instincts. Never mind that these young kids/adults have yet to physically mature and the fact that each player does so at different rates and times in their lives, mentally and physically, if at all...

Let me know when you have stats that measure that.

"but someone just looking at the numbers will have a better percentage of picking MLBers in the minors"

These kind of craptastic unsupportable statements are what make your comments utterly useless.
I said "in general" and you bring up a single case to dispute it. The fact is lot more "tools" phenoms without the production fail then guys without the "tools" who produce do and guys without the "tools" but produce succeed more often then the "tools" phenoms without the production. You can back that claim up with research.

Scouting isn't worth much when you look at minor leaguers, all the intangibles you mention would be worth something if a player produces thus covered by looking at the numbers. The player tells you everything you need to know by whether or not they are producing in the minors.

Back to the list, ***? Joe Mauer is their number one prospect? Come on now, the only reason this guy could be consider was he got hurt last year. That is a cheap choice.
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-Ted Williams as told in The Teamates.
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