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Originally Posted by maurice
You're oversimplifying, Dawg. Even if you think that all scouting observations are worthless because they're subjective, Sweeney's age and level are not subjective. A 19-year-old at high-A is very unusual. Reason dictates that he would have produced significantly better numbers in rookie ball or even low-A. Moreover, the assumption that, on average, 19 year olds fill out and become stronger as they age is a medical fact.

If you manage to pull together a large body of data comparing the major-league performance of hitters to their performance as 19 year olds in high A ball, then you might be on to something. Otherwise, it's extremely unfair and illogical to compare Sweeney's numbers to 22 year olds at high A and 19 year olds in rookie ball. You acknowledge that "[y]ou can adjust for any variable such as age, park or league." Please factor these adjustments into your evaluation of Sweeney.
I think I stated this. Sweeney's ISO Power (SLG - AVG) is low for his age at his level. I am not saying he should be like A Rod, but it should have been higher. Yes, he should develop more power over the years, just at 19 he underpreformed. The large data pull has been done, just too lazy to go out and find it and link it.
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