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Originally Posted by Randar68
Does a top 100 list mean anything, Dawg? Who cares, really, it's not what teams use other than as bargaining chips... Who really cares if a scouting service favors players they've known about a long time over newcomers?

How in the hell does that validate statistical analysis. Your arguments are so shallow...
Shallow? I was using you point to make mine. A scouting service, what BA does, you do here, is filled with personal bias that make it nonobjective. The only truly objective rating of players that I have seen is their production. Tools don't mean a thing unless they translate into production.

Scouting can help you figure out who may produce in draft and such, but once you hit the minors, production is much more telling then scouting. You can adjust for any variable such as age, park or league.
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