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Originally Posted by rdivaldi
I think there are 2 things you are overlooking in respects to Sweeney. One big thing is his age in respect to what level he played at. There are very, very few 19 year olds that play in the Carolina League. It's very rare for a kid that age to get pushed up to that level. The fact that he played as well as he did is extremely encouraging.

Secondly, I've found most scouts to believe that power is not something to be concerned about at the lower level of the minors. There have been many players who start off at 19/20 who just grow into their bodies and develop power. Occaisionally you will have a freak of nature like Griffey or A-Rod tear it up at 18/19, but they are the exception rather than the rule.
The thing is Sweeney's ISO power was lower then what you normally see. I wouldn't be concerned if it was .20 higher. You expect a guy to grow into more power but the concern is does his current performance show a lower celling. Some scouting report mention he has a slower bat so that might be playing into his low power numbers.
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