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Originally Posted by California Sox
Players like Frank and Maggs were not in the top 25, meanwhile I think Rauch, Baldwin, Garland, and Borchard were. It's an inexact science.
Borchard was more hype then production in the minors. Pitchers get hurt and careers are destroyed, so its hard to say much about pitchers. In my example, Prince Fielder has super star written all over him while Anderson looks to become a quality player. With` Sweeney, his lack of power doesn't look good right now, hopefully he was too young but a .379 slg. Thus I would think the super star player has lot more potential to help your team's chances of winning then two solid players.
"You'll get one good pitch to hit. One good pitch. That's all. Don't count on more. So you better know the strike zone. And when you get that one good pitch you better hit it and hit it hard. Remember, just one good pitch"

-Ted Williams as told in The Teamates.
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