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Originally Posted by Flight #24
I would take 3 guys ranked 40-45 over the 1 top 10. The # of top,"cant-miss" prospects who actually do miss makes me like the chances of having at least 1 of the 3 top 50 guys make it over the chance of the 1 top 10.
Agreed. The bust-rate for even highly rated prospects favors strength in numbers. I'm glad that all of our chickens are not in one basket.

Depth also maximizes the possibility of multiple trades -- e.g., trading Reed for Garcia, while retaining 3 Top 50 prospects (plus Fields, Young, Tracey, a bunch of lefties, etc.) for future "use."

You also should consider that Anderson and Sweeney haven't been pros for very long, and McCarthy just hit the "radar" this year. Another solid season could move one or more of them into the Top 25 (and perhaps move Fields into the Top 50).

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