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Originally Posted by charlotteknights
Maybe Bristol, Winston, and Birmingham don't have any complaints about williams; by the time the talent gets to Charlotte it's either been traded away or called up prematurely. Some, I do agree do make it to the bigs from there. However, that does not erase the fact that when Williams took over in Chicago they were Central Division Champions. I can't recall them winning since he's been there.
I really don't know how many times we have to rehash this., it's such a Red Herring, where do I begin... Williams took over a team without a starting rotation. Did it win the previous season? Yes. Did it have Charles Johnson (key down the stretch), Eldred, Sirotka, Baldwin (never healthy since), and Parque returning? Barcelo blew his arm up again and again, and Foulke/Howry/Buehrle was all he was left with after turning Sirotka into a failed year of David Wells. He inherited a team with one good starter (totally unproven at that time), and 2 young head-cases who have failed to develop into anything more than mediocre MLB starters (Kip Wells and Jon Garland). Several of those players had career years. Jose, Durham, and Frank all had their best year out of the last 5 or 6 in that one season and Singleton is out of baseball. WHAT IN THE HELL DID HE REALLY INHERIT?

Answer: Not much.

Originally Posted by charlotteknights
Maybe I missed it. So if the talent is so good in Birmingham, why doesn't it translate to the majors? It sure isn't coming here. I understand completely the pecking order with the farm teams and agree that there is great talent in Birmingham. It just infuriates us Charlotteans when he brags about how deep his farm team is. Sure, it will be great if BMac comes here, but knowing Kenny, he'll go straight up to Chicago. And the most frustrating thing is when he calls up the talent and they sit for weeks, never play, then he sends them to us, disappointed and dejected. I have talked to so many of the Knights who feel so hopeless with this team. Several of them were called up just to sit and would probably not be called off the bench. Alot of this is business. It depends on their contracts as to how many times they get the call up. And most of, if not the majority of what you said is true. The minors are here to feed the majors and we are always excited when they get that call up. I just think that he should call it as it is and quit playing games with everyone. Like everything else, there are those who like Kenny and those who don't. And I'm one of the latter. But we'll see what goes on between the lines this year. Hopefully Guillen will settle things down.
Look, I understand why Charlotte is pissed. Ron Schueler drafted crappy players and lived off Larry Himes for years, while Ron's draftees were very often AAAA players who got to Charlotte and stalled, leaving veteran, experienced, winning teams in Charlotte. That is obviously not the way Ken Williams does things, and it's obvious to anyone that it pisses the Charlotte people off.

Meanwhile, Ken Williams will have 5 players in the Baseball America top 100 and has remade the ball club with 5 veteran startes now in place for the first time in his tenure.

The only thing that stops the cycle is having a veteran experienced team that stays healthy. Then there is no need to rush prospects. With a 70 million dollar payroll, that's almost impossible. I really don't know what you expect. You want to go back to Ron Schueler? I sure as hell don't.

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