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Originally Posted by Dadawg_77
Well it is slighty above average on teams percentage of top 100, 5% vs 3.33%. Also, would a wieghted system giving more credit for higher place prospects be better method of rating teams?
You could look at is as "slightly higher" in terms of it being 1.67% higher, or you could say that if the average team has 3.33%, the Sox have 50% more than the average team by having 5%.

The best way to do this is to rank how many each team has and see where the Sox come out. Higher scores for higher rank would be good, but that's obviously a somewhat difficult thing to do and appropriately balance one top-10 guy v. a number of lower ranked (2d 50) guys - which is better for an organization?

For the record, in the 76-100 range, the Sox are tied with the Angels, Rangers, Indians, Dodgers, & Braves for the lead with 2 prospects.
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