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Originally Posted by munchman33
You'll feel a lot different once B-Mac and Honel are in the Charlotte rotation.
And if they aren't, or are only there a short while, everyone will complain and cry about Williams. Welcome the world of mid-market teams trying to compete...

It sucks for their AAA team, and I've been there and seen it in person. What you're saying is basically the bitter attitude everyone I've talked to in Charlotte has had. However, I don't find, from the MLB level, anything wrong with what KW has done in relation to AAA. It's not pretty at times and you wind up with quite a few journeymen and roster-fillers.

No, Charlotte basically had only a guy or 2 in the bullpen some night, and that sucks, don't get me wrong. What do you want KW to do? Sit around on his hands and wait for all the mediocre-at-best prospects you mentioned do squat and never benefit the MLB club?

Like I said, if you ask Birmingham, W-S, or Bristol if they are impressed with the way KW brings talent through there, I doubt you'll find too many complaints.

Your complaints are valid, but inferring that KW is a bad GM because he hasn't catered to the AAA team is naive at best...
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