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Originally Posted by charlotteknights
I know that you all think that all we do is whine down here in Charlotte, but the fact is that since Kenny Williams has taken over, Charlotte is lucky to have a team that can play 500 ball. And don't give me the stuff that it's all about the majors and not the minors. If that were so, then why did they have such a time finding a 5th starter last year? Because they all sucked down here. Even a bad Fogg would have been better than the crap we had in that spot last year. Look, I'm a huge White Sox fan and want us to go the whole way this year. I just think that if you look at other teams minors, Columbus, Pawtucket, their triple A teams are stacked. I know because they usually beat the hell out of us. I think it's great using Birmingham as a launching pad but when they take these guys up too early and they crash and burn, they send them to us, wasted. That's why we're all so happy that Cotts has made it. Then there's Dave Wilder, Kenny's top man from Stanford. He sends such crap here that it's impossible for the coaches to do anything with them. We'll see this year what happens. A new set of coaches who probably aren't burned out by Wilder's games. Very few teams that he was with has anything nice to say about him, but hey, we'll take him. Just like the Jeff Judan fiasco and the Jose Canseco fiasco. I wish all the guys in Spring training good luck and hope that they do so well that they won't need any of our guys down here.
You'll feel a lot different once B-Mac and Honel are in the Charlotte rotation.
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