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Wells is a pretty good ptcher, but Fogg blows, and Majewski has been passed around more than Ryan Sandberg's wife. And then there's Aaron Miles. . . .

Aaron Miles. Are we really talking about Aaron Miles? Come on man -- Aaron Miles?!?

It's hard to cry over the loss of a fellow with a career 700 OPS, little defense, little speed, and little power. Miles hit .293 in 2004, but he had a .329 OBP and only a .368 SLG while playing his home games in Coors Field. Miles' road numbers were .277 / .301 / .348. (Just for the sake of comparison, Juan Uribe was .283 / .327 / .506 with outstanding defense at three IF positions.) The Rockies were so pleased with Miles' performance, that they demoted him to AAA mid-season, where he continued to post a decent average, but still failed to show power or the ability to take a walk. While you'd generally expect a rookie to improve, Miles is a 28-year-old career minor leaguer with very limited tools.
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