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Originally Posted by charlotteknights
having watched the triple A team for Chicago ever since they have come to Charlotte, I have to say that the White Sox themselves have been the bust on alot of the players. Miles a bust? Made the all star team while in Charlotte, hitting over 300, double A player of the year before, and we trade him to the Rockies where he hit over 300 for them. Daryl Boston? White Sox have him as a minor league rover, teaching their farm teams......won't say any more on that. Wells and Fogg leave the Sox and have both been pretty succesful. You're going to see the same thing with Majewski this coming year. Once he settles down he'll be okay. Just so you know, even though I agree that he was a huge bust, Dalero didn't want to be a pitcher. White Sox p.c. Kirk Champion insisted that they try and pitch him because of his weak bat. Alot goes on at this level that gets twisted and misreported. I think that, unless the White Sox mess it up, they have great potential coming up. Kenny Williams, in my opinion, is one of the biggest bust that they've had. I think Ozzie will have greater input than past managers, but Williams and his crone Dave Wilder can turn things up in a hurry.
I think there are some terrifically unfair remarks in this post.

Wells, Fogg, Dallero, Miles? That's the basis for the Sox being failures?

It's understandable that the Charlotte people are unhappy with the way Williams goes about his business. He's clearly less concerned about the Knight's well-being. Trading so many high-level prospects, concerned more about his MLB roster, and using Birmingham as the launching pad for so many of their prospects...

However, if you talk to the people in Birmingham or Winston-Salem, I think you'll find the polar-opposite viewpoint from my experience.
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