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Originally Posted by SoxxoS
How about we have lists of the biggest Sox prospects busts of the past 10 years. We all know the hyped up prospects we had/have. You can count current players performance as what their career averages will be (or close to it). I.E. Borchard probably won't have a 700 OPS (or whatever) but you can't really say he is going to improve, either. So go by current players numbers, if possible. Injuries are relevent. I will be compiling my list later on today, I have to run out...but wanted to start the topic. Should be interesting/fun/embarassing.
This isn't in the last 10 years, but I've got 2 players:

1. The guy drafted right in front of Barry Bonds who never say a day in the majors.

2. Kenny Williams-Jerry Krause loved him. And injuries hampered him. But he was a hyped prospect who never lived up to the hype:

.218 .269 .339

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