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This is fun. Let's go by position.

C: I remember when the Sox called up first-round pick Rick Seilheimer for a cup of coffee. He was never heard from again. Kurt Brown was drafted even higher, but I don't remember his career.

1B: Eddie Pearson, a first round pick who didn't even hit in the minors. There was also a (Matt?) Berger who had, according to Schueler, the most power he'd ever seen. He never got out of A ball.

2B: I'm going with Willie Harris, but I'm sure I'm forgetting someone.

SS: Jason Dellaero easily over Mike Caruso.

3B: Lorenzo Gray over Chris Snopek.

LF: Jeff Abbott.

CF: Daryl Boston, but don't forget Julio Ramirez.

RF: Joe Borchard.

SP: Too easy. Almost every starting pitcher drafted in the last 25 years.

RP: Also easy. Many of the failed starters went on to fail in the bullpen.
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