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Originally Posted by Wealz
You have a choice not to read it. To the point, the question was posed in a taunting manner I thought, as to where the Whisler detractors were. I'm right here.
Actually he doesnt really have a choice, because your posts are everywhere. NOBODY is saying that Whisler is the next Mark Prior. We ARE saying that criticising a pick because he wasnt the guy you most liked a week into his minor league career is a bit foolish (especially when he is putting up solid stats) and that the guy DELIVERS (and by delivers we dont mean has the same stuff or will have the same success, we mean that the thing he does while throwing the ball looks similar) are you really so narrow-minded that you can't see that you are in the wrong here. I meen seriously, I bitched about the Everett trade non-stop. Now, I'm willing to admit that it was a move that had to be made.
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