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Default BP's Clay Davenports DTs for Sox Prospects

Clay Davenport's DTs are projections of players future performance based on the major league translation of their current season, the level, and the players age. The projections are affected by playing time and not rate statistics so when looking at a small number of plate appearances, a player will not rank particularly highly.

The above link features links for the DTs for pitchers and hitters this season.

The Sox currently do not have any players ranking in the top thirty for pitchers or hitters (Jeff Francis is currently the number one pitcher, David Wright the top hitter). However, a few of our guys particularly in the lower minors rate solidly. Currently a major league projected 21 RAR (runs above replacement) would put a player in the top 30. The Sox top DTs for the season are:

Mike Spidale - 18
Brian Anderson - 15 (9 at WS, 6 at Bir)
Chris Young - 13
Ryan Sweeney - 12 (5th best in the Carolina League)
Casey Rogowski - 10

And two notables no longer in the system:

Jeremy Reed - 16
Michael Morse - 12

For pitchers an RAR of 25 would put a player in the top 30.

Felix Diaz - 24
Brandon McCarthy - 20
Josh Stewart - 19
Matt Smith - 17
Brian McNichol - 16
Arnie Munoz - 15 (19 Birm, -4 Char)
Josh Fields - 14

And one notable no longer in the system:

Jon Rauch - 17

In a lot of ways these should be taken with a grain of salt as more of a fun calculation, the most important caveat being that the calculations are based on on this season. The projections also are not calculated using more sophisticated information such as height and weight. Only, AVG, OBP, SLB, BBs, Ks, SB, and CS are used.
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