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Originally Posted by Randar68
It's hard to satisfy some people, despite never having top 10 picks in that era. In addition, JR restricted the budgets for years of these drafts, including over-riding his scouts on guys like Dallaero and Mark Johnson and a long list of others. These drafts you speak of included players like Mark Buehrle in the 39th round, Mike Sirotka, Aaron Rowand, Kip Wells, Mike Cameron, Crede, and a long list of players that were turned into contributing major league players.

Not bad for a terrible organization not having a top 10 draft pick in 15 years...

Himes did a great job, but if you're going to measure success against Hernandez/Ventura/Thomas/Fernandez/Bere/etc, you're going to have a hard time finding any GM's who are any good.
As I said, you're happy with them, I'm not. Oh, and how do you know his scouts were over-ridden in the cases of Dallaero and Johnson? Sounds like a CYA thing by those scouts.
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