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Originally Posted by Wealz
If you're okay with the Sox drafts since the Himes era . . .
It's hard to satisfy some people, despite never having top 10 picks in that era. In addition, JR restricted the budgets for years of these drafts, including over-riding his scouts on guys like Dallaero and Mark Johnson and a long list of others. These drafts you speak of included players like Mark Buehrle in the 39th round, Mike Sirotka, Aaron Rowand, Kip Wells, Mike Cameron, Crede, and a long list of players that were turned into contributing major league players.

Not bad for a terrible organization not having a top 10 draft pick in 15 years...

Himes did a great job, but if you're going to measure success against Hernandez/Ventura/Thomas/Fernandez/Bere/etc, you're going to have a hard time finding any GM's who are any good.
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