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Originally Posted by Wealz
We could use a lefty in the pen, why not bring up the Great Wes Whisler? How is it premature to be skeptical about Lucy, but not premature to crow about Whisler?
LOL! Your basis for complaint with Whisler was his lack of ability, after being "terrible" at UCLA. Yet, he comes in and has been fantastic at Class A right out of college, despite being terrible.

For a terrible college player to be so successful in low class A, he must be a top prospect considering all the hand-wringing people like Wealz and others had over my comments about a slight step up for top college players going to high-A ball.

So, when Whisler succeeds, you find it your duty to move on to Lucy and criticize a catcher who only played 1 year at Stanford? Seriously, you're an absolute joke. Don't make me go back and collect all your fascinating quotes about Whisler here before you start crapping on other just-drafted players. You've shown yourself to be absolutely clueless, so I guess I shouldn't expect that to suddenly change.
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