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Originally Posted by The Tom
Is this guy mentally defficient? I seriously wonder about it sometimes. What is there to crow about Whisler. HE HAS A .318 BA AND A MID 2 ERA. NOTE TO WEALZ: THOSE ARE GOOD NUMBERS!!! The only crow that should be mentioned about Whisler is the crow Wealz should be eating. Apparentally he has comprehension problems as well, cuz I never once stated that this guy was gonna be a future star. I WAS pointing out that two of our new draft picks are putting up nice numbers, and that Wealz labeled one of them (Whisler) a flop after about what, the first two weeks of his season. Wealz, learn to admit when youre wrong, less people will hate you. And by the way somebody saying that Whisler is putting up good numbers is NOT the same thing as saying that Whisler is the next Prior. Sorry about that.
Whisler was a reach where they drafted him. A good month doesn't change that, but hey I'll eat crow ... whatever.

People can be excited about the Sox 2004 draft if they want. I look at it as a missed opportunity. They passed on terrific prospects (Ferris, Syzmanski, and Suzuki) for the likes of Lumsden, Gonzalez, Whisler and Lucy. I'd trade the four we got for the three we passed in a second.

As far as your "less people hating" me comment goes, that was just weird.
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