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Originally Posted by habibharu
rdivaldi, how does he project compared to a anderson or sweeney? is the upside on him greater than those players or about the same?
That's a tough question. Personally I think he has the highest "athletic" upside of all of them. You just don't see too many 20 year olds in A ball have a shot at going 30/30. I do have concerns about his arm, which seems to be a bit suspect. He has the most power of the 3, and the best speed, and his "eye" seems to have improved dramatically as the season has progressed. He does whiff too much, but he also draws a ton of walks.

In defense of Anderson and Sweeney though, both have been competing at higher levels and Sweeney is also a full year younger. I think someone who has seen more of him would have a better feel of his ceiling. My exposure to his play is limited. I wouldn't dare rate one ahead of the other right now but it's a nice problem to have.
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