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Originally Posted by Mohoney
Several good points in this post, the strongest point being that Williams didn't draft Borchard. Another strong point is that we gave up some good pitching in Ring, Rupe, and Francisco in trades last year.

Plus, a few of our "prospects" such as Cotts and Adkins are at the MLB level, being rushed in their development to fill pressing needs, and are not factored into the equation.

Maybe I'm wrong, but I am really enamored with our '03 and '04 drafts, and I think that Kenny Williams has shown a lot of potential as a guy who can draft well. This means that, while we never seem top-heavy with AAA talent because we're making trades to better our parent club, our cupboard will continually be restocked.

Kenny Williams is really trying his damndest to run a solid organization while operating with a bottom-third payroll. In my opinion, he's doing it better than Ron Schueler ever did.
A couple of points:

1. The Sox are not in the bottom third in payroll. I thought I read somewhere that they are 12th in the majors, but even if it's slightly lower then that they do not have the 20th highest payroll in the league.

2. Time will tell with the Sox 2003 and 2004 draft. But what about 2000-2002? Also, is some here say KW is not running the draft then why give him any credit? Pesonally I think he is. He hires the baseball people around him who share his philosophy.

3. Cotts and Adkins...don't get me started on them. Both were part of bad trades. Cotts is more of a prospect but when the Sox got Adkins he was a 24 year old AAA pitcher with a bad shoulder. Now he's a 26 year old right handed releiver who just isn't all that good.

I'm definitely not as high on Cotts as some are around here. But I'm not willing to give up on him yet.

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