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Originally Posted by Randar68
Reed was the top prospect in the system when traded, Webster was #4, Francisco is pitching out of the Ranger's bullpen at age 20 (maybe 21) and jumped basically from A-ball. Rupe is a risk/reward prospect, Ring was a first round draft choice (and even if you say he was a reach, which he was, he was no worse than a sadwich pick projection).

The names that spring to mind? Brian Anderson, Ryan Sweeney, Honel and Wing pre-injuries, Brandon McCarthy, Borchard (a Ron Schueler pick, pal), Valido is in his first full season fer chrissakes.

You just don't seem to have any real grasp of the expectations and realistic time-frames that prospects progress/develop at, and it suits your crying and whining tact.

You take half of a team's top 10 prospects and trade them or they are injured within a 12 month window, and no-**** the organization is going to drop in ranking!

Do you go for it now and trade prospects or sit around waiting? KW has shown he's not going to sit around waiting, and that does cost the system, but gives you a better chance to win on the MLB level now. You still didn't answer which you'd prefer, but the first tactic didn't work for Schueler, hopefully the latter works for KW. If they win a WS, are you going to cry and whine about the status of the farm teams?

Several good points in this post, the strongest point being that Williams didn't draft Borchard. Another strong point is that we gave up some good pitching in Ring, Rupe, and Francisco in trades last year.

Plus, a few of our "prospects" such as Cotts and Adkins are at the MLB level, being rushed in their development to fill pressing needs, and are not factored into the equation.

Maybe I'm wrong, but I am really enamored with our '03 and '04 drafts, and I think that Kenny Williams has shown a lot of potential as a guy who can draft well. This means that, while we never seem top-heavy with AAA talent because we're making trades to better our parent club, our cupboard will continually be restocked.

Kenny Williams is really trying his damndest to run a solid organization while operating with a bottom-third payroll. In my opinion, he's doing it better than Ron Schueler ever did.
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