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Originally Posted by A. Cavatica
Lisk homered yesterday, but even so he's batting .197 at Kanny with a 9:88 ratio of walks to strikeouts.

A couple of years ago, I heard him mentioned as a future star catcher. Since then he's blown unusually large chunks. I know he's young, but does he have any other redeeming qualities as a prospect?

(I suppose if you're slurring-your-speech drunk, Charlie Lisk sounds a little like Carlton Fisk.)
Ok, Lisk was a 24th round pick out of HS and hasn't had half a season worthy of proclaiming him a future anything.

Whoever told you this crap (it wasn't anyone knowledgeable here) should be permanently ignored, dude. "future star catcher?" Whoever told you that is either blind, dumb, or both, but what does it say if you bought it?
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