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Originally Posted by habibharu
its only .388! is this because he is only 19 or because he is not much of a power hitter?
Well, Sweeney is 19 in High A ball, for someone from Iowa, that is like going from Low A ball to AAA in a year. He'll develop better power and has been hitting more doubles of late. His BA was low and he wasn't hitting much of anything with real authority the first 2 months or so. Also, he is very strong but still has a lot of room to grow. He'll hit for more power. How much, well, I'd say in his first 5 years in the majors he could be a 15 HR hitter, or he could hit 30-40 HR's.

Shortening his swing, hitting the ball with loft and carry. He has terrific plate coverage, so he hits the outside pitches the other way and just puts the ball in play a lot. Picking his pitches better will come with time, knowing what pitches he can drive and sit on.

Patience is the key, despite his accelerated placement in the organization.
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