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Originally Posted by rdivaldi
I'm quickly becoming a big fan of the kid. His strikeout totals are very deceiving, as most came at the beginning of the season when he was in a huge slump. But I've noticed his walk totals climbing at a quick rate and his K's are slowing down.

He kind of reminds me of Mike Cameron, good power, speed, defense. (Heck he's got a shot to go 30-30 this year) Mike had a better arm though. At 20 years of age though, I'm excited about his future.
Good comparison, I think he has the ability to hit for a better average, but like Cameron he shoudl strike out a decent amoutn, but also draw a good amount of walks and he can go get em in center.

One thing to note about Young is, he was on an absolute terror until they moved him up in the lineup. Since then he's entered a horrible slump (probably been for about two weeks). Heck of a future though and damn is he fast.

He stole a ton of bases the two Intimidator games I saw and he's got great high end speed and good acceleration.
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