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Originally Posted by rdivaldi
They completely pumped him up in 2003 after his stellar showing in Bristol. But I really think we should take stats from Rookie Ball with a grain of salt, there are tons of guys that hit .330 plus at that level. He struggled somewhat in Kanny last year, and regressed even more when he was traded. He's got some upside and his secondary numbers are somewhat solid, but he'd be lost in the shuffle in our system. More than likely an afterthought after Anderson and Chris Young.
I agree with you on that. I'm to the point where I basically ignore stats at the rookie level. I'm more, get promoted, and then lets see what you can do in A ball. Their are definately exceptions, such as the high draft picks, but other then that, I really don't follow the rookie leagues much.

Its hard to pitch in the Pioneer league and then you have Bristol and thats just eh. Some guys just rake and then never amount to anything so I take notice of whose doing what, but I wait till they are promoted and are producing at the next level until I start talking about them.

Don't get me started on Chris Young though...boy do I like Chris Young, heck of a lot of potential. Only drawback with him long term if he develops like he can is he'll probably still strike out a good amount and he doesn't have a very strong arm.
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