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Originally Posted by Chisoxfn
I was as high on Syzmanski as anyone, but I also wanted pitching and guys with high ceilings. The Sox liked what they saw in Whisler and he fell to them. The Sox probably would of taken B.J. but it came down to the fact that all the guys they liked kept coming to them and they weren't going to pass them up. I wouldn't either, they get paid the money to scout and these were the guys they liked.

From what I've heard the Sox were incredibly excited about the way this years draft worked out and I gotta admit, while I would of liked a few different people at certain slots, I think this draft has the potential to be one awesome draft.

I'll say one thing about Whisler, he has the body to be an ace and I think as he gets his mechanics down you'll see his velocity go up just a bit. But he's working on a splitter and he alreayd has a good amount of pitches, good ones at that, so with work, he's got the shot to be pretty good.

I love the fact that it appears he really has the body to hold up as a workhorse type pitcher, although it may be early for me to say it. On the other hand Gio has amazing stuff, but with his stature, you can't help but wonder how he'll hold up.

I love the fact that he has a good fastball and what I'd consider an awesome curve and a good to very good changeup. Its rare to see a high schooler with 3 good pitches.
Gio's got a chance to be special but like you said the scary part with him is staying healthy. From your description of Wes it sounds like he's got a chance to be pretty good too, I know Syzmanski is supposed to be the best overall athlete in the draft but I believe Wes has an era around 2 and a half so far, so lets give him a shot before we declare that a bad pick.
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