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Originally Posted by Randar68
He was considered a future first-round pick a year ago in the Cape Cod League both hitting and pitching very well. The Sox are DH'ing him on his off-days. He is likely to be a future pitcher, and has proto-type size, but just needs to refine his mechanics. However, he is an intruiging 1B prospect as a 6'5" LH'ed power hitter. Letting him do both will allow the scouting staff to get a better understanding and determination of his potential at both positions.
Randar I don't disagree at all with your scouting report. Personally I just think it's important to emphasize that he lacks Prior's polish since I believe that MLB readiness is extremely underrated by many since many raw prospects with a ton of tools never develop the polish to pitch in the majors.

As far as allowing Whisler to pitch and DH, I think it's a stroke of genius. We're talking about a player that has to potential to do either with no clear stregth. I don't think it takes away from his ability to hit or pitch if he does both as a recently signed 22 year old in the low minors. Whatever we can do to give the organization the best idea of in which role he'll excell is highly valuable.
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