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Default my first norfolk tides game

After spending a much deserved day off at the beach, i decided to head out to harbor park, home of the norfolk tides. They were playing the durham bulls (mets AAA v. devil rays AAA) and was greeted to a nice little pitching gem by matt ginter perviously of sox fame. He had a bad 2nd inning but hunkered down, bowed his neck and pitched 5 shoutout innings after that. It was a good night and a couple of plays to the plate in the latter half of the ballgame really kept everyone in to it. I have a couple of questions that could not be answered at the game however. 1. How does the DH work in the minors? I thought that either they all use it or if the home team is a AL affiliate they would. The tides used one so the latter isn't it. 2. How do you score a throw to home from center that the catcher lets past him in a bang-bang play at the plate? I thought it would be an error on the catcher if anything but possibly no error at all. The score keeper ruled it an E-8. The throw was a gun, right on the money. the catcher let it go because the runner was bearing down on him. The hitter advanced to second on the play. Any rullings from the WSIers?
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