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Originally Posted by Wealz
I think it would behoove a mid-revenue team like the Sox to use their premium picks every year, say first 6-7 rounds, on position players. Let someone else waste millions of dollars developing pitching for you. For instance, if the Sox had hitters in the minors they could have dealt them to the Expos for Vazquez. Or if one of those hitters could have replaced Ordonez, Ordonez could have been used to get a pitcher. I don't think it's essential to develop pitching, but it is essential to have a strong farm system, and position players are the easiest way to do that IMO
I don't know how feasible that would be for mid-revenue teams. No GM will
trade good, young pitching for position prospects. They'll trade those pitchers
only when they're arbitration eligible or approach free-agency, in which case
you're paying them a lot of money, in which case you can't afford them if
you're a mid-revenue team.

IMO, mid-revenue teams (Florida, Oakland) compete because they've developed good young pitching.
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