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Originally Posted by Wealz
Yep, Shaffer needs to go. He was scouting director from 1991-2000. You remember that era don't you Randar68? Among other things Jason Dellearo was taken the pick before Lance Berkman during that time. That was ok though since they had OF depth in the organization at the time right?

Laumann was in charge of the '01, '02, and '03 drafts and drafted Reed, Anderson and Sweeney. Shaffer drafted Borchard. 'Nuff said.
Yes, i remember that draft, the one where Schueler drafted Dallaero when Shaffer told him he'd be there in the 3rd round if he really wanted him. I also recognize the circumstances surrounding Lance Berkman and only signing as a Senior-to-be because he was drafted by a local team. Shaffer was over-ruled on that pick. What do you want from the man? I prefer Laumann to Shaffer, no doubt, but why cry over spilt milk?
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