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Originally Posted by Randar68
I clarified that opinion and if only it was as black and white as you make it to be. i said it was a slight step up for the best players in major D1 programs. That is an opinion that has been supported by more than just my opinion.

You're right, he throws with his left hand. I'll be seeing him play in a couple of weeks, and I may change that opinion of him, but from what I had seen of him in college, his mechanics were not that dissimilar from Mark Prior's. it was a simple comparisson that Kotex-boy here has construed into "Wes Wisler = mark Prior", which I clearly never said.

LOL! Oh the irony. If someone is going to attack me for a comparison of mechanics in a very basic scouting report on a player 1 month into the system, then they had better come with something better than what that "moron" came with, which was nothing "constructive".

again, if you don't like it, you can return to where you came from.
Why the anger Randar68? Kotex-boy? Seriously.

Only in your world it seems is Wes Whisler mentioned in the same sentence with Mark Prior. Their mechanics are now "not that dissimilar". It means nothing though.
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