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Originally Posted by Chisoxfn
Bristol is typically for the high schoolers, while Great Falls gets the more advanced players. This year everything is a bit different because the draft was later then ever.

They ended up pushing the rules back for Rookie League and older players are allowed to play. Thats why their are more minor league vets down in rookie then ever before.

Gio is being eased in slowly. He'll go to Great Falls soon and then Kanny by the end of the year.
Bristol was the Sox Advanced Rookie team until last year when they left Arizona and signed an agreement with Great Falls. The Sox then chose Great Falls to be their higher level rookie team and sent the young guys to Bristol. That change is just two seasons old. I situations like the Sox with two rookie teams outside of Florida and Arizona, the team basically chooses which team to treat as the advanced level. There isn't that much difference in the Appy and Pioneer Leagues themselves.

I believe if Gio is ready to move, he will go straight to Kanny. That is not set in stone, but has been discussed. The Sox know he is too good for the level he is at now, but after missing some time in HS, and with his slight frame, the Sox are taking it slow with him. I would be surprised to see him go to Great Falls.
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