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Also at WS, don't forget about Sean Tracey, who has been pitching awesome down their all year. He has had some control problems off and on, but has good stuff and is what I'd consider a sleeper prospect who may be talked abotu more and more as he moves up in the organization.

I think Randar sums it up good on Lumsden. It was odd for him to go up their. I would of much rather seen Rodriguez moved up to Winston Salem along with McCarthy. Heck, I'm still a little puzzled at Wisler being in Kanny, cause i think he would of been better suited at Great Falls.

The Sox want to throw these guys in their though and see how they react. And just remember, Anderson was playing at Great Falls in his 1st year...Fields is at Winston Salem...thats a pretty big difference in the talent level.

Also note that Anderson struggled his first month or so in Winston Salem until he made his adjustments or what not and then really went on his tear.
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